A more effective, less intrusive alternative to traditional chest ports and PICC.

Greater stability and convenience. Significantly improved aesthetic value.

Traditional chest ports offer patients convenience, especially during long-term chemotherapy treatment. Unfortunately, traditional chest ports also have a few drawbacks, such as visible scarring in the chest area and a more complex surgical procedure with attendant risk of complications.

The Invisiport is an unprecedented device because it offers the stability and convenience of a traditional chest port while systematically eliminating or minimizing the drawbacks associated with them.

Chest ports are placed in the chest beneath the skin. Placement requires invasive surgery with attendant risk of infection.

Chest ports are easily visible beneath the skin, as is related scarring.

The same ease and simplicity. Fewer patient restrictions.

PICCs are popular because they are easy to implant and use. But PICCs are prone to infection and inconvenient for everyday living—particularly when used for long-term intravenous treatments.

The Invisiport is an unprecedented device because it offers the ease and simplicity of a PICC but without many of the everyday complications associated with them.

PICCs are placed in the arm with the long catheter extending deep into the chest.

The PICC components remaining outside of the arm are prone to snagging, resulting in severe disruption to the daily lives of patients.