Improving the lives of patients through less invasive medical devices.


Stealth Therapeutics is committed to improving the lives of patients, including the millions of individuals who require long-term intravenous treatment for cancer and infection. We will accomplish this by developing less invasive and less conspicuous medical devices that are more convenient and effective.


Stealth Therapeutics was founded in January 2006 for the purpose of designing and developing a portfolio of improved venous access devices (VADs).

The company's mission and strategic approach are guided by founder Dr. Bradley Glenn, MD, a practicing Interventional Radiologist. Dr. Glenn believes it is not only possible, but necessary, to develop VADs that deliver maximum function and minimum form—that is, the best devices with the smallest possible impact on the lives of patients.

Bradley Glenn

Bradley Glenn, M.D., is a practicing, board-certified Interventional Radiologist. Dr. Glenn has successfully licensed patents for three previous medical inventions to Johnson & Johnson.

Dr. Glenn is the Founder of Stealth Therapeutics as well as the inventor of the Invisiport.

Sam Adams

Sam Adams has been successfully leading startups and revenue growth initiatives for the last 10 years. Sam currently serves as general manger of Stealth Therapeutics. From 2009 through 2012, he was the first employee and CEO of a startup company in the medical ultrasound software industry. Prior to that, Sam focused on organic growth of established businesses as a strategic and downstream marketing manager at GE Healthcare. Early in his career he worked for Fortune 500 clients as an account manager at a global advertising agency. He holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Marketing from the University of Wisconsin Madison and a BA in International Political Economy from The Colorado College.

Jake Orville

Jake Orville has over 15 years of medical device, diagnostics and life science management experience within established and emerging medical markets. Jake is a co-founder, president, CEO and serves on the board of Cleveland HeartLab, Inc. (CHL). CHL was spun-out of the Cleveland Clinic in 2009 to develop and rapidly commercialize unique diagnostic technologies with applications in cardiovascular and inflammatory indications.

Jake has held senior management positions with two publicly traded companies (NextGen Sciences – AIM NGG.L; Third Wave Technologies – Nasdaq TWTI) and is also a co-founder of Viridian Medical and Tolera Therapeutics and currently sits on the Board of The Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation.

Jake received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and his MBA from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

George Trutza

George Trutza is the President of Bronchus Medical, a developer of minimally invasive medical devices for lung diseases.

Before joining Impliant, Mr. Trutza was Executive in Residence at the Cleveland Clinic's Innovation Center, a special commercialization arm of the Cleveland Clinic whose mission is to facilitate the broad and rapid deployment of Cleveland Clinic technology. Mr. Trutza has also served as President of Kendall Medical & Surgical Division and President of Tyco Healthcare Group Canada.