Improving the lives of patients through less invasive medical devices.

Stealth Therapeutics, Inc. is pleased to introduce the Invisiport, a first-of-its-kind, implantable port offering the optimal balance of ease, effectiveness, and patient comfort.

  • Patented dynamic fixation configuration minimizes insertion size and maximizes stability
  • Less invasive and simpler than a chest port but with greater stability and convenience
  • More convenient and stable than a standard PICC, but with similar ease of placement and the potential to reduce infection
  • May potentially reduce complications from surgery or infection due to smaller incision and placement location
  • More comfortable for patients, easier implantation and administration for medical professionals

"As health professionals, we would like the medical devices we prescribe to provide maximum effectiveness with minimum patient discomfort. That's been the inspiration for so many important medical innovations, including the Invisiport."

— Dr. Bradley Glenn, practicing Interventional Radiologist and inventor of the Invisiport